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As a composer, I've scored short films and dance projects, composed for orchestras and small ensembles. In addition to the fully written score, I collaborate in a free improv environment, as well as ITB composition. 


My classical compositions have been performed and recorded by 'The Raanana Symphonette Orchestra' 'The Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra', 'Maple Rose Strings, and more. I have been involved with the electronic music composer Holly Smith in her project CODED Dystopia, an immersive live improvisation project which performed around London. Collaboration with the Israeli choreographer and dancer Tal Garmiza, and our project "Touch Sensitivity" performed at the DDD festival in “Suzanne Dellal - Center for Dance and Theater” - a piece which combined dancing, video, lyrics and music.

As a bass player and instrumentalist, I performed and recorded in multiple genres. I've played at The Oooh Festival London and The Skronk Fest, as well as The 50th - Anniversary Concert of the Beatles' album Revolver with Ashdod Symphony Orchestra. I have worked with singer-songwriters in live gigs and recorded music, such as “The Promises”, Sivan Lazar, “Tzimaon”, “Yael Aidan - YamaDeca” and Yonatan Rukhman, “Jewelia


In addition to my work as a composer, I work as a sound technician and producer, and own "Beta Studio".


As Beta Studio, I've produced, recorded, mixed and mastered a wide range of musical genres and worked with a variety of artists - such as, 'Balconytv Tel Aviv', ‘Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music’, 'Ramat Gan Symphony Orchestra', 'Albert Beger’, ‘Maple Rose Strings’, ‘Yael Aidan - Yamadeca’, ‘Jewelia, ‘Rosabella Gregory Trio’, ‘Gindin Production’ and more. In addition to the studio work, I provide on-location recording services and recorded live Jazz, pop and classical music.


In 2018, I decided to separate my work and create "Beta Studio Mastering", in which I've worked within multiple genres and artists such as Manjunath B.C., Blank Fiction, Yael Aidan - YamaDeca, Jewelia and more. My works have been played across the music streaming platforms and radio, and has thousands of views on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

2019 - 2020: ‘University of West London - London College of Music’ - MMus in Music Composition, Orchestral path, under Professor David Osbon, Professor Francis Pott and Dr. Simone Spagnolo.

2018 - 2019: ‘University of West London - London College of Music’ - Degree with Honors in Music Technology Whit Composition (Top Up Program - Final Year Entry), under the composer Rosabella Gregory.


2014 - 2017: ‘Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music’ - Major in Composition, Arranging and Conducting, under the composer Yaron Gottfried, the film composer Udi Harpaz and the conductor Yoni Farhi.


2013 - 2014: ‘Muzik School’ - Major in Sound and Music Production.

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