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Combining the source of the recorded sound-wave with endless compositional opportunities the computer gives us, allow me to explore a new world of majestic colour and unique textures. Some of these are based upon real instruments and involve improvisation, while strongly structured and pure computer work.

Calling Nature
I am Just a Little Emotional: 'Weird Feelings' Workshop at Skronkfest, 2018 (performances)

I am Just a Little Emotional: 'Weird Feelings' Workshop at Skronkfest, 2018 (performances)

I am Just a Little Emotional 'Weird Feelings' Workshop at Skronkfest 2018 (performances). Presentation by Lee Boyd Allatson. 'Weird Feelings' was an edited, super-quick-fire taster to the I am Just a Little Emotional concept and so my preamble felt a little rushed, but we got successfully stuck-in to the playing in pretty short order - which is what it’s all about! We also enjoyed the added benefit of a dancer in today's group, which certainly enriched the ensemble direction and opened discussion toward the more physical. I wanted to try a couple of different approaches in this session as part of the core mandate is to evaluate and question any common emotion approach traits in what we hear/see/feel, and consequently how we react to these. My proposal was that there are emotion routes less exploited - the curious cousins of the emotion family - where new territory for interpretation might be rich, and it is these outer reaches I wanted to investigate today. Another workshop strategy to try was a suggestion from attendee feedback: to open with, what might be considered to be, an accessible, well trodden emotion path to communicate, by way of a warm up example and to create a template for the playing and discussion. I am Just a Little Emotional is a workshop which analyses emotion state theories and how we can exploit these in performance. We will investigate routes between cause and effect using basic emotion psychology concepts, and with specific reference to Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, develop a practical, interpretive experiment system.
Sad Monster In The Cave
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